Claudine Lepage

Claudine Lepage, Senator for French people living outside France and Philip Cordery, Member of Parliament for French people from Benelux, presented on February 17 the conclusions of their report, aimed at limiting the increase in tuition fees, to Laurent Fabius, Minister of Business Foreign Affairs and International Development and to Matthias Fekl, Secretary of State in charge of Foreign Trade, the promotion of Tourism and French citizens abroad.

The network of French establishments abroad must fulfill the dual mission of allowing the education in the French system of young compatriots living abroad and constitute an instrument of influence and influence by welcoming foreign students.

The amount of tuition fees determines the attractiveness of the network and therefore the successful accomplishment of this mission by being compatible with the contributory capacity of families and competitive in attracting foreign students.

However, since the end of the 2000s, tuition fees have risen sharply, jeopardizing the network’s dual mission.

It is therefore necessary to preserve the pedagogical quality and the cultural and social mix of the network, within the framework of a constant budgetary envelope, a reduced contribution capacity of families and a growing number of requests.

To answer this equation, the rapporteurs formulated 50 concrete proposals presented in 5 main axes :

General savings measures and better expenditure control

· The essential search for new sources of financing, such as for example a “school renovation” plan in partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB)

Strengthening partnerships with families, host countries, companies, international institutions or French-speaking countries

The reform of governance in particular by strengthening the pilot role of the Ambassador and the revision of the charter of the AEFE

Better distribution of existing funds, in particular thanks to the development of FLAM associations and the FrancÉducation Label