Témoignage d’un Français vivant en Grande-Bretagne sur les attentats du 7 janvier

Habitant en Grande Bretagne depuis 13 ans, je tiens a m’associer aux événements intervenus en France tout récemment.
Je vous transmets un message que j’ai publie sur les réseaux sociaux et attends votre commentaire tant personnel qu’en ce qu’il implique de la prise de conscience des changements de société récents en France- plutôt que des affaires internationales de jihadistes.

THE FRENCH EVENTS The attacks were not against free speech or the police. Those are mere symbols of freedom, equality, democracy, a feeling that we all have a chance in life, etc. The murderers were not jihadists but losers, young adults seeking the shadow of better tomorrows who went very astray on their paths and sought refuge in what they thought was a « great » cause. Something that would bring some meaning in their lives. It is clear from their conversations with the media a few hours before being taken down that they were clueless or misinformed about the jihadist movement. However, we do bear a responsibility in this matter. .. Tomorrow the People of France will take the streets for many reasons: one of them is to show the world we will not falter, or waver in front of any menace. Our beliefs are deep-rooted, widely shared and unmovable. We prone values of human rights in our very vast majority. We seek peace, non violence and tolerance. We will not be moved… I would like to associate myself to the suffering and loss of those who have lost a loved one or who have suffered physical or psycho-emotional trauma or distress : the families of the officer shot, the council worker at Montrouge, the hostages and victims at Vincennes, the wounded officers at Dammartin, the man shot twice in the south of Paris prior to the incidents, and also the families of the murderers – because such are our values of tolerance and fraternity.